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Warning! Read This Before You Dive Into a Swim Pool This Summer!

I used to soak my muscles in the Jacuzzi at my gym after a workout.  I had to stop because I noticed that the high levels of chlorine was causing irritation and dryness on my skin and eyes.  This caused me to wonder, why is it acceptable in this country for people to swim around in and soak in chemicals?  That’s kinda like pouring bleach in your baby’s bubble bath because it makes the water more sanitary.  Crazy if you ask me.
dangerous swim
So I decided to do some more research and I found some very disturbing facts.  This is a very dangerous chemical and no humans should ever come into contact with it!  They’ve tricked us into swimming in poison!  Chlorine, over time, causes cancer and is a neuro-toxin that’s used to make mustard gas as a weapon of war.  By chlorinating your pool, they’re waging war on us!  And they keep getting away with it, and they keep making billions off of it.
Remember folks, asbestos was once a commonly used household product until they finally realized it causes cancer.  One day soon it will be the same with chlorine and there will be lawsuits and people will convert to sea salt water pools and notice a huge difference.  Imagine filling your Jacuzzi with dead sea salt and some essential oils instead of soaking in nasty chemicals.  Imagine how healing that could be for you.  Can you believe this has been kept from us?  Can you believe we let them trick us into swimming in chemicals?

You can convert your pool to salt water by using this salt water filtration system from Amazon:swim saltNow that I know the Truth I refuse to remain ignorant.  And now I am sharing this Truth with you in hopes that you send it to all of the people that need to hear it, which is anyone who owns or swims in a chlorinated swimming pool.  Convert all chlorine pools into sea salt water pools IMMEDIATELY!  This is very important!

Don’t let your kids swim in this neurotoxic chemical this summer.  Please urge all water parks and public pools to do the same.  We need to discontinue use of chlorine until further research is done and presented in it’s entirety to the American people.  Because why wouldn’t we want to know the Truth about what we’ve been swimming in all the years?

Please don’t be complacent.  We need to take action on this NOW!  I encourage you all to do your own research and seek the Truth.  Would you rather swim and heal, or get a chemical peel?  I’ll let you decide for yourself.


Editors Note: Town Lake YMCA in Austin has a salt water therapy pool.