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50 Reasons to Live on the Road


As a seasoned nomad, let me share the intricacies of why you might want to live on the road…

the views from my living room, July 2016


(1) The kind you wake up immersed in.

The kind that is a window pane away.

(2) The kind you signed up for.

(3) People. (4) Places. (5) Food. (6) Music. (7) Cultures.
(8) Contrasts. (9) Experiences. (10) Memories.

The world is your oyster, and (11) all you need to do is step outside your door for it.




As far as going green, (12) the carbon footprint of living house-free and so tiny + minimally can far offset the gas emissions of driving. With some awareness, list-making, and creativity, (13) you can design a life on the road to be fully aligned with your sustainability values.

And when we talk about sustainability, let’s talk about it on an interpersonal level:

Texas, 2013
  • (14) less responsibilities (than maintaining a house and the lifestyle to maintain the house)
  • (15) different responsibilities (that I ENJOYED! More like planning a vacation vs typical budgeting and scheduling)
  • (16) living in a state of being consistently refueled (by the joy that is my life!)

With responsibilities low and enjoyment high, (17) I could do this all day every day – which is not something I always felt capable of in my daily life before.

And living sustainably on a personal level means I can (18) keep my emotional and energetic reserves filled, which means I’m showing up better in each moment of life and (19) spend more of my time and energy on the things that matter most, like my relationships with my children and our focus on living aligned with our values.




San Diego, 2014

(20) With each other.
(21) With ourselves.
(22) With nature.
(23) With communities.
(24) With our tribe along the way.

Slowing down life and living it on our terms means (25) we can plug in as deep as we feel called to in any moment, (26) and unplug (and veg in our hOMe-on-wheels).

It means (27) we can enjoy what we want and leave the rest.

It means (28) we can actually be places, rather than just read about them. (29) We can have actual memories in places, rather than just memorize their location on a map.

When (30) the world is your home, (31) nature is your backyard, and (32) you get outdoors easier. This is especially valuable for homebodies, who want to get out more. Living on the road makes the great outdoors and the cozy indoors, literally, one step away.

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When you (33) own your own home, you have full control over it – (34) upgrade it, (35) decorate it, (36) use it as you please. And when your home is a tiny home, (37) it’s cheaper and easier to upgrade, maintain, and swap out. Not to mention, the art on your walls (what you see out your windows) is (38) the stuff people pay a fortune for, and (39) it’s always changing.

San Diego, 2012

Living in what I call “simple abundance” (simple stuff, abundance of experiences), allows you to (40) get clear about what items your life requires. You can pare down and release what is weighing you down – and (41) I’m not just talking about physical *stuff*.

(42) You are the designer and curator of your life. (43) You can go with the flow. (44) Change. (45) Move. As you feel called toward. (46) Bring in what you want. (47) Leave what you don’t.

What’s your favorite? (48) Design a life around that.

(49) Do what makes your soul come alive!

(50) Make a dream come true.



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