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Aquaponics Greenhouses Grow 1 Million Pounds of Food on Just 3 Acres!


Have you heard of aquaponics? It’s the food production method that combines raising fish and growing vegetables to create a sustainable living ecosystem. The plants are positioned above the fish tank. The water from the fish, which is filled with their feces, is pumped into the vegetable bed in order to provide nutrients to the plants. The  plants filter out the fish feces in the water and the clean water is cycled back in to the fish tank.

In this video, Will Allen of the non-profit Growing Power shows viewers how they are growing one million pounds of food on just 3 acres using aquaponics!  If they can do it, so can you!

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9 years ago

How much does it cost to run the pumps and heater for the greenhouse? This seems great.

8 years ago

http://www.aquaponics.net.au has a heap of info xx

8 years ago

We tried doing it. I think it would have worked better had we lived in a warm climate year round. However living in Virginia, we had to use heaters and lights and it cost a lot of money. Winter the heaters ran ALL the time. We gained nothing from it…lost a lot of time and money. Looks easy but you must remember you have to keep the PH in the water right, buy food for your fish, make sure your fish don’t catch diseases. If the power went down, the pumps didn’t work. Just a lot more work than we… Read more »

Robert Hyett
Robert Hyett
8 years ago

Good afternoon is there any websites that would fill me in with diagrams and detailed info as to getting started, having not to go through a learning curve and receive information from experience.