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Has 2020 Whooped You?! Whole Life Detox Can Help!


Editors Note: Good morning Gurus, today’s post is a promotion for our first course, Whole Life Detox! It’s is a bit of a change in gears because we realize we have a stockpile of content we haven’t had the time to promote. Too busy living the Guru life! Anyway this is a transcript done by our author Cabra Cuerno of the video embedded in this post for those with auditory issues!

Hey, guys! It’s Catherine with the Homestead Guru.

I’m on a walk in the forest as you can see. My favorite place to be other than the ocean. Many of you know that four and a half years ago is bit by a brown recluse spider.

So, I really had a hard time surviving that experience and, it turned into a blessing and opportunity to really detox my life and take assessment of all the different areas of my life and what wasn’t working and what was.

I think right now in 2020 we’re collectively going through a similar experience.

We are facing a toxin, an illness, a sickness. We are being forced to sit still.. well, some of us are, anyway.. And really assess our lives.

Whole Life Detox Here to Save the Day

I hear people saying that this year has just not been a good year and I would like to invite you to take the blessing of 2020 as an opportunity to really work on yourself. To figure out what is going well, what’s not going well and start getting yourself into alignment with a higher purpose, your highest goals.

I spent several years putting together a program called “A Whole Life Detox Program”, and this was designed to take people through the process that I went through to reclaim my life, to reclaim my sovereignty.

The Birth of Whole Life Detox

And really, as I discovered through the process, I haven’t ever claimed my sovereignty before. All of that anger I had as a political activist.. Hahaa, you know how I was back then, twelve years ago, eleven years ago, ten years ago, I was angry and I was loud. I was confrontational, I was vitriolic, and I think that is something that we are experiencing as well in 2020, there’s a lot of anger about the status quo.

And we are moving into the election, and people are picking sides and they are feeling very passionate about the side that they have picked. And I want to remind you that the only thing you have control over is yourself and your own life. Nobody has authority over you unless you give them that authority.

So, if you’re wanting to go through a similar experience to the one I went through and really assessing your life and taking ownership I would like to invite you to check our manual program “A Whole Life Detox”.

How to Find Whole Life Detox

The website is thedetox.guru it forwards to a Homestead Guru page where you can purchase it. I did a soft launch of this, several weeks ago, and I’ve had some technical issues, I’m not really the most technically savy person on the planet, but.. Am.. Dogs are running around, I don’t know if you can hear them.

But I got some help from my dear friend Lily, she helped me get it set up and it’s available for purchase online, on the HG store. And this is something that is really near and dear to my heart.

I feel very passionately about helping people assess their lives, about helping people figure out what is and isn’t working. This is a self-guiding program that you can take yourself through, there is no pressure, there is no time frame, but if you really do follow the program you can create a whole new life in one year or less, super cool.

Whole Life Detox is for EVERYONE

It’s what I did for myself and, for those of you who have been following my journey, you’ve seen me completely recreate myself, I mean, literally, I am an entirely different person now than I used to be. I feel more centered, I feel more grounded, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship, I’m living the life of my dreams.

And I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that I’m living the life of my dreams. I have found an intentional community, I have found joy in my heart, I became a yoga teacher, I found healing, true, true healing, and that took a lot of work, and it took a lot of time and a lot of energy and it took a commitment.

My Personal Whole Life Detox

I was bit by the brown recluse spider in 2016, February 2016 and I was really focused on the physical detox of getting the venom out of my system. But as I went through that process I began to realize that there were so many areas of my life that were full of toxicity, that I needed to address in order to be a healthy person.

So I began to look at my financial situation, how I was earning money, was it in alignment with my ethics? Was I happy with the way I was earning resources? I began to look at my relationships, I began to look at the state of my home, and I began to change things.

And really, this process began for me in 2017 when I made a commitment to myself to no longer suffer. I mean, suffering, okay, it’s a human experience, we all go through it, right?

But I was chronically suffering, I was in victim mode, I thought like everyone was out to get me and, I made a commitment to myself that I was gonna change my life and it did.

The Light from Whole Life Detox

And it has been a beautiful process, it has been a beautiful experience and I feel so blessed, even for the darkness, even for the hard things, even for the things I thought they were going to kill me, but they didn’t, I survived and now I’m thriving. I’m just watching all of this vitriol online and the old me would be up in the middle of it, right? I do sometimes message people when I see them expressing extremely dogmatic points of views and offer a different perspective.

But ultimately, what I wanted to share today was that you have autonomy over your body, and you get to decide what kind of life you are gonna live, no matter the external circumstance.

So, if you are interested in going through that program, it is available online for 100 dollars at www.thedetox.guru. I’ve also been going through a certification program this year to build a work with people one on one, and if you’re interested in coming on, as one of my clients, send me a message, message me in Instagram, Facebook.

Want to chat?

You can send me an email at the HG at thehomesteadguru@gmail.com and I would love to connect. I’d love to walk with you on your journey. I’m not saying I’m an expert, I’m a student, I’m learning, but we can learn together.

And I can teach you the things that have worked for me, and the things that didn’t work, because I’ve tried a lot, that’s for sure.

What you Get With Whole Life Detox!

Anyway, if it’s of interest of you, you want to check up the program, self-guided program. There’s six informational videos that I think are really useful. There is a seventy seven page workbook, that you can go through, answer questions, and a really creative plan and strategy for you and your lives, an accountability check list and timelines.

There’s access to our private telegram group, and we have some exclusive discounts and deals on some products that are good for your body, which is hard to find these days.

So, anyway, I love you guys. Thank you as always for being a part of our HG community, for following me on Instagram and being a part of my life witnessing my journey, I’m so grateful. I love you, guys, from the bottom of my heart. I hope to hear from you soon, :*.

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You can also access this course via the Homestead Guru Store. 

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