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Pesticides & Monsanto In the Cannabis Industry Are Leaving Users At Risk


As legalization sweeps the nation, growers running big operations geared for profit are using pesticides on their plants to maximize their yield.

Colorado’s Governor advised to California, warning lawmakers that their state has a “steep hill” ahead in legalizing recreational marijuana and urging them to pay close attention to aspects such as home-grow regulations, pesticides and public safety.

Colorado last year found that 49 percent of cannabis samples tested in response to complaints had residue of unapproved pesticides, according to state Department of Agriculture data. The failure rate so far this year is 13 percent, demonstrating how testing improves the safety of marijuana”, Jan Stapleman, a spokeswoman for Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment stated.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission issued its first recall of recreational marijuana after samples of a type of pot were found to contain a level of pesticide residue above the state limit.

Pesticides are being linked to major health problems in people such as causing reproductive and developmental effects, cancer, kidney and liver damage.

Even worse, cannabis success is turning the heads of more problematic organizations such as Monsanto, the world’s largest pesticide producer. Monsanto and Miracle-Gro have a business partnership and Hawthorne, a front for Miracle-Gro, has already bought three of the biggest canna-heads in the business: Botanicare, Gavita, and General Hydroponics.

Monsanto is also known for the creation of genetic modification, Monsanto and Bayer share information about genetically modifying crops and Bayer partners with GW Pharmaceuticals, which grows its own proprietary marijuana genetics. It’s logical to conclude that Monsanto and Bayer will be working to create GMO marijuana.

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It is possible that Bayer and Monsanto could create a monopoly on marijuana seeds, just like they have with soy and corn. Their patented seeds reeked havoc on small farmers and bigger operations, as their patent gave them the ability to cross contaminate others crops and then seize them from farmers, destroying their income.

Many states that have already legalized marijuana are fighting for mandatory testing and regulations on cannabis by agencies behind closed doors, such as the EPA. In my experience regulations set by such agencies are still allowing crops to be contaminated but only up to a certain percent.

I believe people have the right to want it labeled. Growers are going to choose the way they want to grow it and you can choose to buy it or not but that requires having the knowledge of how it was grown and what was used to grow it.

Alternatively, you can grow it yourself so there is no doubt about how it is grown or you can opt to get it from a direct source, from whom you are certain is not spraying chemicals on their buds.

People depend on cannabis as a medicine and as people continue to leave pharmaceuticals behind some toxic companies are going to attempt to sabotage the industry in hopes of continuing to profit off your illness.

Support organic growers, small local operations will need your support to stay afloat.

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