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New Solar Powered RV Is Off-Grid Dream!


Packing up your things and taking a road trip is a goal for many adventurers and off-griders, but driving around a vehicle that gets 8 miles per gallon can be quite costly to the owner and the environment. A German based company called Dethleffs may have put an end to this contradiction by designing a fully solar-powered RV!

This baby is covered top to bottom with 334 square feet of solar panels, which can generate up to 3,000 watts of electricity to power the 228-AH sodium-nickel-chloride battery. Under the hood, you will find a 107-hp motor with multiple battery options, the best of which allows the RV to travel a little over 100 miles on a full charge. This is a real game-changer for electric road warriors who are often faced with the task of having to find charging stations to keep them going.

solar power

Another awesome feature of this RV is its heating system, which captures any outside heat that rises over temperatures of 79 degrees during the day, then releases that heat when the cool air of the night rolls in. On top of that, there are infrared heating pads lining the floors, walls, and even the furniture. While you’re hanging out on one of the bench couches in the back you can charge all of your devices on the circular wireless charging station, or have a meal on the table between them. Enjoy your privacy and sunlight protection from the darkening film used on the windows.


Speaking of privacy…there is starlight projection system over the alcove bed for you and your partner to enjoy.


Solar power, good heat retention, cozy inside, what more do you want out of a RV this size?

Unfortunately, there has yet to be pre-orders or an estimated cost, so the green-minded travelers will be patiently waiting for this road evolution.

*All pictures were taken from inhabit.com

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