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Underground Shipping Container Home – Earth Cooled


Underground Shipping Container home

This Double Shipping Container home is a great idea if you want to live underground. Using the Earth to keep your home a constant temperature is an age old idea. With building codes in effect on many places of earth, sometimes building an alternative home is proven difficult. Time and time again, free human beings find a way around the deterrence, and they get their home built while being left alone. If you can avoid fees while building your self sustainable homestead, it will help you out financially.

The best way to find land where free range humans can build their own homes, is to find land that is not controlled by any zoning ordinances. This land does exist. Buyer beware, if you are moving off grid, there are counties that claim jurisdiction, and require you to get a primary use permit before even putting a shipping container on your property. It is like moving off grid into the most annoying HOA ever. Not doing research to see if there is a jurisdiction with zoning ordinances that will oppress your daily life immediately after moving there, is very important for freedom. Some jurisdictions will threaten fines up to $750 a day for not complying..

It is important to know who wants to rule you when moving to a new location. Many people are starting to use the “prove your jurisdiction” route, when dealing with counties. Marc Stevens hosts a show, that challenges these jurisdictions, asking them to prove their authority. So far, many cases are dropped or the case is dismissed.

The guy in this video didn’t have too much trouble. Although I assume it is due to the fact that he got a septic permit, which is what counties usually require first thing. As a guru, I know alternatives to a septic system exist, and they are very successful without having to pay a fee or get permission.

Building an underground double shipping container home is a great idea, and I am sure can be done for even less then $30,000.

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