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DIY Chicken Tractor for $150


One of the greatest obstacles to chicken husbandry is protecting your birds from predators. If you want your chickens to enjoy the nutritional benefits of free-range foraging, a chicken tractor is your solution!

Chicken tractors can be moved from place to place, providing your birds with fresh grass and access to new bugs. This design you can create at home and will house up to 25 chickens at once.

Check out this DIY design here:

All you need is:
Roofing Panels
Gray UV Resistant PVC Pipe
Chicken Wire
Tarps for Shade

I would suggest poles for roosting if your birds will be sleeping inside.

Visit David the Good’s blog, The Survival Gardener, for more awesome videos!

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David The Good
8 years ago

Thanks for the post – you guys rock.