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No More Detention – School Replaces Discipline with Meditation


Meditation and Behavior

A Baltimore school, Robert W Coleman, replaced detention with meditation. The results have been incredible. School administrators reported that they have not had one suspension in over a year.

When the kids get in trouble they are sent to the Mindful Moment Room where they are able to participate in breathing exercised, yoga, and hold a discussion about their issues with an adult.

Through a comprehensive approach which helps children develop their inner lives through yoga, mindfulness, and self-care HLF demonstrates deep commitment to learning, community, and stewardship of the environment.

Meditation and Academics

After meditation the kids return to class attentive and ready to learn. A 2013 study found that mindfulness training boosted verbal GRE scores by 60 points. The meditation program is part of the Holistic Life Foundation.

HLF organizes after school programs and meditation rooms in other school as well. Other than disciplining kids they they teach them how to deal with frustration and stress.

Meditation and Society

As more schools begin to follow suit, we may actually begin to see a fundamental shift in our society. At this point in time many generations have been raised in punishment and control based educational environments, and our society has become a really large punishment and control based country. The Mindful Moment Room may be the first step toward reducing our prison population and ending the police state.

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